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2011-08-23 03:23:52 View: 5769

Red Diamond Chinese sweet almond


Total features: full body convex drum, into a heart shape, yellow almond skin, sweet (the management and harvesting of individual species as a result contains about 10% bitter almonds), grain-based medium. Well-known varieties such as Yanshan apricot, northwest apricot, Jiaozhou in apricot, etc.

Moderate price, taste crispy! In recent years, has been widely used in baked snack foods, has become an important variety of cooked nuts.


Place of Origin: China
Quantity: 1000 Acre/Acres
Production Capacity:1000 Acre/Acres per Year
Payment Terms:L/C
Shenzhen Fengda Import & Export Co., Ltd Address: R1503,Zhongmao Building,BeizhanRoad,Shenzhen,China In product catalog: 6
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