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Kidney vegetable (kidney grass) seeds - kidney health food


Plant Viagra- Kidney Seed (scientific name yellow / red okra)

     Kidney dish known as "kidney grass," African origin, Malvaceae, herbs annuals. Philippines treat kidney dishes as the "national dish." Many countries use food as a first choice dish. Moreover, in some countries it is treated as a male "medicine", coffee additive or substitute. Currently, kidney dish is popular in the field of human health and is market favored. The seedlings, leaves, buds, flowers, fruit, seeds can be consumed, mature seeds can be extracted two oil special food and medicine, the root can be medicinal, can be described as whole body is a treasure. Major food fresh in the capsule, capsule containing a viscous glycoprotein protect the stomach, liver and skin and mucous membrane, and can treat gastritis, gastric ulcer and hemorrhoids. It has tender meat fresh and unique flavor and delicious fragrance. It can cook wonderful food, compatibility with chicken meat balls, salad individually and with other fruits and vegetables and soy dishes, and is good choice for high-grade hot pot.


Cultivation Type:Organic
Certification:ISO 9002
Brand Name:Vegetable seed imports: Japan Musashino Seed (crown) Japan Sakata Seed, Taiwan seed
Place of Origin: China
Quantity: 2000 Bag/Bags
Production Capacity:2000 Bag/Bags per Month
Payment Terms:L/C
XUZHOU DAXIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD Address: Bldg.101,Group 1,Dongpo Square,Xuzhou,Jiangsu,China In product catalog: 10
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